Why SPC Products

SPC flooring, which stands for Stone Plastic Composite, is the latest innovative material in the flooring world. It is a premium type of replacement to traditional LVT.

  • Latest Innovative material.
  • More stable than traditional LVT.
  • Incredible durability due to Rigid Core / higher density makes it more challenging.
  • Does not expand and contract with environmental changes.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Gluefree installation,so Hassle-free.
  • Quick Locking installation system, so Economical & Time Saving.
  • Latest Innovative material.
  • No Subfloor preparation needed for installation only flat surface is must.
  • Better resistant to scratches, dents, and stains.
  • Suitable for both Commercial and Residential use.
  • Free from dangerous chemicals.
  • Easy to replace / re-install the damaged plank/tile.
  • Limitless design innovation is possible, so there are endless options of patterns, colours, & grains to get the authentic look and shade you want.

Floorrex Flooring Advantages

Can be installed on existing floors

Quick Installation

Noise Free

Dust Free

Glue Free Installation

Stain Protect

Scratch Guard

Fire Resistant

Mix & Match Pattern

Water Proof

Weather Proof

Green Product

Highlights in SPC flooring

As no glue or special floor preparation is needed.
Click system is easy to do with minimal tools, wait time and effort and can be installed without professional installer.
There are endless options of patterns, colours, and grains to get the precise look and shade you want.
Avoiding using real wood protects the earth’s natural resources, and it can be recycled.
it is free from dangerous chemicals typically found in flooring, such as formaldehyde, glues, benzene, and phthalates.
The multi-layered composition of materials provides some natural soundproofing.
SPC generally comes with excellent manufacturer warranties, where the contract length typically increases with the thickness of the wear layer and the core of the planks.

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